What Our Students and Parents Say

My boy did not pass his Mathematics test and I signed him for classes at Abound. After attending Teacher Goh’s class at Abound for 7 weeks, he improved by 19 marks from CA2 results in August to SA2 in Oct! He looks forward to classes now and became much more confident in solving Mathematics word problems.
Mr Lee
Tr. Keith has a wonderful rapport with his students. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Tr. Keith has several strengths, but his main strength is ability to motivate students. He is always sincerely interested in his student's progress and encouraged them to try their best in every equation/problem sums. He also has excellent communication skills with the parents. He always provides constructive feedback and updates on the progress of his students…
Mrs Tan
Tr. Keith’s lessons have truly impacted my education and learning especially in my primary school years. With his lessons, I have a clear understanding of mathematical concepts and science topics. Even now, as a secondary school student, the knowledge that I learnt in his lessons is still applicable in school. His patience and dedication to his students is truly commendable and differentiates him from the other tuition teachers I have had. He is very patient and would always ensure that I fully understood the topics taught in school and whenever I have enquiries or confusion, he would explain the topics again thoroughly till I understood. The encouragement from Tr Keith has taught me that I am who I am, and to get to the top, it’s all down to me. I am capable, but it will take hard work and lots of dedication. This word of encouragement meant a lot to me till now. Thank you Tr. Keith…
Trina Tan De Qi
I have learnt a lot more than just Mathematics in Teacher Keith’s lessons. Throughout my 4 years learning Primary 3 to 6 Mathematics from Teacher Keith, I was able to develop as a resilient learner and maintain my Math grades throughout my upper primary years in school. Teacher Keith is very patient and engaging. Whenever I could not understand certain questions, he would take time to explain and present it in a way that is easy to understand. He would also motivate me to continue to strive for excellence when I didn’t achieved the targeted result I set for myself. He would constantly remind me that there is no short cut in learning and that success comes with much effort and time spent…
Sakaki Yuka